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Next MP3 Player

Next MP3 Player
The NextMP3 Player

I wrote the NextMP3 Player for me because I wanted an MP3 alarm clock that would play the next MP3 in a folder. I share for if anyone can use it or build on it.

Automatically plays the next MP3 in a folder. It knows what's been played before, and how many times it's been played before.

Calls your native MP3 player software (default Windows Media Player) and keeps a database of what's been played. Also allows you to keep comments and tags of the files.

Functions as an MP3 alarm clock by setting your OS task scheduler to call it each morning. Automatically turns Windows Media Player off mute if it was left on mute previously and sets the volume to full.

Written in Java, but Windows only due to calls to programs. Could be easily modified for other OSes.

You can use Create Image Byte Array to create your own icon that you can be natively in this Java program.

The software originally used an .ini file to store:
directoryPath = C:/
requiredString = .mp3
mp3_player = C:/Progra~1/Window~1/mplayer2
mp32_player = C:/Program Files/Winamp/winamp.exe

But, in Java 1.4 the standard method to get data from ini files using Properties.getProperty() inexplicably causes the jar executable to not run if it is called from a shortcut, but fine if double-clicked, so it didn't work with task scheduler. So those data have been hard-coded into the system, so you have to edit the 1st few line of the .java file, recompile, and recreate the jar file (a .bat file is included for this). It's a bit techie but perhaps someone could add .ini file functionality or an options dialog to set the directory and mp3 player locations.

Java 1.4 or higher is required to run the jar file as an executable, or you can use one of the "jar to exe" utilities. If you know of a free jar to exe program that works, please let me know!

You can download the NextMP3 Player from sourceforge

7:28 AM, Saturday 5th September, 2009Category Software

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